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Painting FYI and Useful Information

Painting & Building Maintenance

Owning a home or business is not only a big investment, but carries with it the responsibilities of upkeep and general maintenance. Nelson and Sons Painting & Decorating can assist you with protecting your investment for many years to come.

Exterior Paint Maintenance:

Exterior Maintenance is a huge factor in the appearance of your home or business, but most importantly, it is a protective measure. Unprotected wood leads to warping, rot, and water damage. Depending on climate and exposure to the elements, it is recommended that exterior painting be performed every five to ten years.

As part of your maintenance checks, look for obvious signs of peeling or blistering of paint, rough patches, cracking, or changes in texture. Any of these signs would be a good indication that the wood needs immediate attention. Instead of ongoing touch-ups, now may be the best time to contact Nelson & Sons. We have the experience and knowledge to assess your individual situation and recommend the best options and solutions to meet your maintenance needs.

Exterior Paint Maintenance Brookfield

Exterior Paint Maintenance Milwaukee

Deterioration Signs for Paint Maintenance Brookfield

Deterioration and Paint Maintenance Milwaukee

Deterioration Signs:

Flaking and Peeling: Paint simply does not stick. The surface may be dirty. There may be too many layers of paint, or the wrong type of paint was applied.

Alligatoring or Checking Pattern: The cracks resemble alligator skin. Basically, the outer coat did not adhere properly to the paint underneath, or not enough drying time between coats of paint was provided.

Blistering: Some layers of the paint peel off and bubble. Moisture is seeping into the wood.

Chalking: You will see fine powder on the paint surface. May have occurred due to poor paint quality or the paint was spread too thin when applied. Chalking leads to paint fading.

Cracking and Scaling: Severe cracks form when the paint begins to split. It may result from moisture seepage or air pollution.

Mildew and Algae: Small black spots appear caused by excess moisture or not enough air or sun to prevent the growth of fungus.

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